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The Tape Art Crew is an evolving group of public artists founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1989. They were the first artists to consistently use tape as a primary medium for creating large-scale drawings and installations. As such, they have been called the inventors of Tape Art. They have created over 500 large murals (approx. 40ft x 40ft or larger) and thousands of smaller drawings on walls around the globe.

The Tape Art Crew creates murals using PiktoTape, the world's first drawing tape. PiktoTape is a low-adhesive tape designed to be removed from any surface without damaging those surfaces or leaving a residue behind. They have worked on: wood, cement, brick, metal, tile, glass, metal, stone, painted wall, stucco and plaster. All of their artwork is intentionally temporary. Regardless of how much time it takes to create, every mural is removed within 24 hours of its completion.

Please credit all photographs of Tape Art work to The Tape Art Crew.

Tape Art's mural for Art Prize in 2015 is featured in the award-winning documentary More Art Upstairs. Here is a short clip.

The documentary explores the question who should determine what is good art in the setting of an art competition that gives the public the opportunity to vote for the winner. The documentary has been screened at the Hot Dog Film Festival (2017) and the Nantucket FIlm Festival (2017).

Favorite Museum Commissions:

2017-2019     Citadelle Museum of Art, Canadian, TX — mural and satellite residency (View Project PDF)

2017                Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, TN — mural and satellite residency for centennial (View Project PDF)

2014                Albright-Knox Contemporary Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY — inaugural project for AK's Public Art Initiative (View Project PDF)

2010                Aldridge Museum of Art, Ridgefield, CT — satellite residency

1995-2014     Worcester Museum of Art, Worcester, MA —  annual public mural (View Project PDF)

1998                Worcester Museum of Art, Worcester, MA —  52,000-sqft mural for WAM's centennial

2000, 2007    Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI

2002, 2003, 2004, 2008      The Revolving Museum, Lowell, MA

1998                The Revolving Museum, Boston, MA

1998                The RISD Museum, Providence, RI

1996                CBGB Gallery, New York City, NY — Twisted Art Show

1995                Davenport Art Museum, Davenport, IA

Favorite Festival Exhibitions:

2015                PVD Fest, Providence, RI

2015                ArtPrize 7, Grand Rapids, MI

2010                Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Detroit, MI

2005                OK Arts Fesical, Oklahoma City, OK

2002                Springfield Arts Festival, Springfield, MA

1998                Mayfair Arts Festival, Allentown, PA

1997                Trails West Festival, Saint Joseph, MO

1994, 1995    Scottsdale Arts Festival, Scottsdale, AZ

Favorite Residencies:

2017                Community Art Residency, Memphis, TN — partnership with the Brooks Museum of Art, museum donors, and local organizations (View Project PDF)

1997-2019     Hasbro Children's Hospital, Providence, RI — 1000 weekly drawings in patient rooms, waiting rooms, and hallways

2013                Cattle Depot Artist Village Residency, Hong Kong, China — partnership with Art Together

2012                Residency at the American University in Athens, Greece

2009                Greensboro Residency, Greensboro, NC — partnership with Greensboro Art Museum and Elsewhere Museum

2005                Week of Hope, Oklahoma City, OK

1997                The Contemporary Resort at Disney, Orlando, FL

Favorite Grants & Awards:

2008                4X4 Hong Kong International Artist Workshop, Residency Grant, Hong Kong, China

2004                Chashama Gallery Space Award, New York, NY

2004                Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Fellowship

1995                Manco Innovation in the Arts Award, Sponsor of National Tape Art Tour

Favorite Projects with Non-Profit Partners:

2015, 2017    Oishei Foundation — collaborative workshops run with Oishei Leaders (heads of local non-profits) (View Project PDF)

2017                Houston Arts Alliance — public murals and workshops in the wake of Hurricane Harvey (View Poject PDF)

2015                Providence Planning Department — 16 pop-up installations throughout the city

2015                Worcester Preservation Society — commissioned mural in 1/4-mile long tunnel for Underground Ball Gala

2014                New York Aquarium — community engagement mural celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the first deep ocean dives (View Project PDF)

2010                Providence Art Culture and Tourism — community engagement mural in downtown ice rink for the 375th anniversary of Roger Williams

2002                The Whitney Museum, New York, NY — collaborative Tape Art with 100 families

Community Tape Art
The Tape Art Crew works with communities to create collaborative art experiences that start difficult dialogues, provide groups of people a public voice, and help communities envision a better future together.

Here is a short video about Tape Art's collaboration with the Oishei Foundation, Cornell High Road Fellows, and the Lipsey Buffalo Architecture Center in June 2017. Teams transformed narratives about the social issues of Buffalo, NY into stories about solutions and social justice. (View Project PDF)

Tape Art Education & Workshops
The Tape Art Crew has spent over two decades teaching Tape Art in schools, community centers, nursing homes, special education populations, hospitals, psych wards, correctional facilities, and corporations. In this time they have introduced Tape Art to over 50,000 first-time drawers.

Here is a video from a week-long residency in which a local high school was completely transformed with tape. The residency included 5 days of workshops that engaged students at all levels with a variety of content prompts.

The content of school workshops is designed to reinforce the curriculum students are learning in their classrooms. Below is an example of students using Tape Art to illustrate history. (View Roger Williams Project PDF)

Corporate Art Education & Leadership Training
Good collaborative art-making process is a mirror for good collaborative leadership practice. We have spent over 20 years training thousands of corporate leaders to be better collaborators, risk-takers, and innovators through art experiences. These workshops fuse business lessons with best-practice from the world of art. 

This TEDx Providence Talk dives into how Tape Art workshops can be a powerful diagnostic tool for corporate leadership. 

Below is a link to an article published in The Smart Manager on innovation driven by collaboration versus teamwork, or for more information on leadership workshops, visit
View Smart Manager Article PDF


We are celebrating 30 years of taping with a book on our process of collaborative Tape Art! Get a look into the amazing world of large-scale, collaborative art-making and how you can bring these experiences to your community.

Collaborative Tape Art: The PiktoTape Method

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