Pole Cats in the Streets of Tokyo

Interesting note about the streets of Tokyo. We did not once, in any neighborhood we walked through, see a stray cat. Given an opportunity to make a drawing on a building in Tokyo we spent our afternoon and evening exploring why there are no cats here. Mostly because they would just wreck everything, starting with knocking over all the street lamps and telephone poles.


When you touch these animals, you get a quick moment of insight and can literally see right through them.


The cats aren’t bad. They are just reckless.


The central image of this girl petting this cat was photographed by a bevy of passersby. It was good to see how many people spent the time to reach down and touch the tape and explore the wrinkles and folds.



The telephone poles in Tokyo are amazing. They are a stunning jumble of wires, transformers, insulators and lots of things unnamable. All the telephone poles here look like the ones we like to draw in Tape Art… its always a relief to actually see them in real life. The tipped telephone pole left wires taught against the building and flailing out into the street and gave us the sense that we will need to draw more of them in the future. Good job, cats.