Tape Athens

Working with the Holmes Place health and fitness clubs in Athens, Greece Tape Art drew three murals in one day at each of the three Holmes Place clubs in Athens. The three quick drawings tried to answer the question why do we need to be fit, and took the benefits of fitness to playful extremes.

The first drawing is a girl escaping a raging fire by climbing up a cliff. She casually uses her water bottle to squirt at the flames.



The second drawing shows the importance of superb fitness when dealing with a shark infestation. Five sharks pour down the stairwell from the mouth of a water pipe. One man hangs from a windowsill and snaps a picture of a great white with his smartphone. A woman dangles upside down, doing curl-ups and offering a hammerhead a fish. At the bottom of the stairs a swimmer rides a shark towards the exit.




In the final drawing a group of people traverse a ravine across a single rope.



Also while in Greece, there was time to do a quick drawing on an abandoned house. A girl reaches down to pet a cat whose skeleton in revealed through its transparent body. This drawing was created using a die-cut cat skeleton surrounded by the traditional Tape Art silhouettes, creating visual tension between the clean, sharp lines inside and the hand-ripped lines outside.