Cleveland, Ohio

Tape Art Crew: Laurel Craft, Charles Bandes, Erica Duthie, Michael Townsend

This double-mural marathon resulted in two murals made on the same wall in a single weekend. We drew Circus (see below) over night on Friday. On Saturday night we removed Circus and drew Egypt, which we left up until Sunday night. By Monday the wall was back to normal and there was no sign that anything had ever happened.

This is the first time we drew using a blue painter's tape (CP-26 to be exact). We instantly fell in love. The low-adhesive nature of this new tape meant that we could literally draw on any surface without damaging it. The world became our canvas.

Egypt (1992)


Cleveland, Ohio

Tape Art Crew: Charles Bandes, Michael Townsend, Laurel Craft, Erica Duthie

Circus (1992)

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