Glenn (1996)


Hickory, North Carolina

Tape Art Crew: Laurel Craft, Erica Duthie, Michael Townsend

Memorial piece for our friend and CEO of the tape company who made our tape from 1992-1999, Glenn Hilton. When we heard of his passing we drove to the tape factory in North Carolina and drew Glenn leaving his office for the very last time. Everything in the mural was based on the memories of his employees.

A few of the details we captured were Glenn's habit of laying books on his desk with the spines open (apparently this drove his secretary crazy) and the handprints left by his grandchildren on the side of his desk which he never cleaned off. The figure of Glenn himself took seven hours of continuous adjustment at the prompting of all who passed the mural until everyone agreed that the likeness was a good one.

We left this mural up for the factory community to remove, which they did one week later.


Scottsdale, Arizona

Tape Art Crew: Laurel Craft, Michael Townsend

A fanciful version of the evolution of flight, from the absurdity of sling-shotting humens into the air, to lifting small animials using balloons, to paper airplanes, to the crazy propellored machines that have capture our imaginations.

Innovation (1996)
Innovation (1996)

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