Return To Eden

The Revolving Museum, Lowell, Massachusetts

Tape Art Crew: Michael Townsend, James Mercer, Andrew Oesch, Greta Scheing, Shizuka Ono, Pamela Barron, Jay Zehngebot, Liana, Gabby

Here Adam and Eve return to the Garden of Eden only to find it littered with trash and junk food that the animals are consuming. Even hands the Biblical snake a Fig Newton in lieu of the traditional apple.

This installation incorporates plaster cast sculptures and three-dimmensional tape techniques including tape over wire outline for the animal figures. 

Opera (Srping and Fall)

Providence, Rhode Island

Tape Art Crew: Adriana Young, Michael Townsend

Opera Fall (2002) and Opera Spring (2003) were experiments in long-term storytelling in tape. For weeks on end we returned daily to the same wall to create successive panels of a long and strange narrative.  

Opera Fall included 45 drawings and Opera Spring included 63. Below are a few frames to illustrate the rhythm of how these narratives progressed.

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