Everything Must Go (2004)

Everything Must Go
Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts
Tape Art Crew: Adriana Young, Michael Townsend, Andrew Ustach

Everything Must Go is our first foray into large areas of filled in color/texture. The veiwer is still grounded in the drawing by one life-sized human figure.

The contors of this cave follow a line of moisture from rain the day before that retreated up the wall as we worked. Being unable to tape of the wet surface we took the cue for this mural from the natural limitations of the wall.


Providence, Rhode Island

Tape Art Crew: James Mercer, Andrew, Jay Zehngebot, Michael Townsend, Greta, Adriana Young, Colin Bliss, Emily Ustach

Drawing on every wall in every hallway of every floor in the RISD dorms. It was an insane amount of drawing. Inevitably humor played a big role.

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