Let's Draw Together

New York City, New York

Tape Art Crew: Carly, Colin Bliss, Michael Townsend

In partnership with the Children's Museum of the Arts we tested a new concept for a mural. It has always been part of our practice to incorporate the ideas of the public that talk to us into our murals. This mural took those interactions a step further by setting up a mural completely by request.

We set up a box in the museum to collect the requests of visitors on slips of paper and then simply drew exactly what we found inside. It made for an interesting exercise in incorporating ideas and some pretty sweet drawings.

Let's Draw Together (2010)

The Aldrich Residency

Ridgefield, Connecticut

Tape Art Crew: Michael Townsend, Colin Bliss

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum wanted to comission a Tape Art mural. The only problem what where to tape. The town of Ridgefield has no large, central walls on which to draw. In lieu of a traditional mural, we offered the Aldrich five two-hour time blocks for an entire week which they could sell off to patrons who would then point us at any wall they wanted us to draw on. We redefined what public meant in this community.

For a week we drew inside private homes, at local schools and businesses, at the library, etc. Each drawing was kept up for a week. The tape balls for wach drawing were then displayed at the museum with documentation of the original drawings and the stories behind them.

Aldrich Residency (2010)

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