Roger Williams (2011)

Roger Williams

Providence, Rhode Island

Tape Art Crew: Emily Bryant, Colin Bliss, Michael Townsend, Pamela Baron, Barbara Byers

Working with the city of Providence we celebrated the 375th anniversary of the city's founder Rodger Williams. We had the downtown skating rink and three weeks to make something that would blow people's minds. The central image of the giant tree is the tree under which Roger Williams' body is buried. Below the rink Roger's skeleton is being consumed by tree roots. Around the sides of the rink are the story of the settlers' arrival in Rhode Island drawn in miniature.

The rip down for the Roger Williams mural provided an opportunity to really bring the historical inspiration for the mural to life for the public. The city was invited to join us for historical reenactments by a Roger Williams impersonator, lectures and of course the removal of the mural itself.

Zombie Proof
Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts
Tape Art Crew: Colin Bliss, Michael Townsend, Leah Smith, Barbara Byers

A household goes about its daily life after the zombie apocolypse. On the first floor a quiet family dinner  is in progress, on the second floor is a weapons factory and stockpile, and on the third floor is  an attic filled with kittens (to distract anyone alarmed by all the weapons).

Outside on the ground are the shadows of the zombies as they would be cast by the light flooding out from the windows of the house. 

Zombie Proof (2011)

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