Pit-Fowls (2018)

UMASS Dartmouth, Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Tape Art Crew: Michael Townsend, Leah Smith, Leah Berbine

Pit-Fowls is a play with patterns: skeleton patters, fire patterns, root patterns, leaf patterns. The transparancy of the window allows for the telling of a story in two parts. From the outside, the veiwer sees only a mysterious, flaming pit. It is only upon entering the building to veiw the mural from the inside that what is burning is revealed.

The many birds encircling the pit are inspired by the reading of two contemporary articles, one detailing the relative biomass of domesticated versus wild birds (70/30), and the other reminding us that birds, like the Blue Heron, are the closest living relatives to the dinosaurs. Their ominous presence in this mural reflects the tension between those two conditions.

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