Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany

Tape Art Crew: Katja Meyer, Michael Townsend, Leah Smith

Katja is a portrait of a friend of ours living in Berlin. At the time of this mural, Katja was pregnant with her first child and described to us the emotions she felt connected to her transition into a new family. The dress, which took 7 hours to make, is covered in the symbol of the all-seeing-eye as a visualization of her unease with the sudden shift from being viewed as a smart, capable, and complete human being to being viewed solely as a woman carrying a child.

Bonfire Stories

WTAMU, Canyon, Texas

Tape Art Crew: Ruby Monegro, Michael Townsend, Leah Smith

This 360-degree installation invited viewers to reflect on the importance of storytelling as a record of people and place. On the walls of this atrium a campfire story about a buffalo casts a larger-than-life shadow onto the trees of a forest at night, the storytellers of the Panhandle’s past and present drift down a stream under a waterfall, and a massive bonfire is being built, just waiting to be lit to tell the greatest story of them all.

It took over 400 hours to create the bark and leaf patterns alone.

JFK Presidential Library and Museum, Boston, Massachusetts
Tape Art Crew: Leah Smith, Michael Townsend, Paul Brasio, Polina Volfovich

For the 50th anniversary of the July 16, 1969 lunar landing, we created a life-sized version of the lander module on the walls of the JFK Library. Around the courtyard, vistors to the library could find accurate versions of the objects and scientific equipment left behind on the moon and follow footprints that led them along the path of Neil Armstrong's famous space walk.

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