Honoring Honar

Brattleboro, Vermont

Tape Art Crew: Michael Townsend, Leah Smith, Cassie Townsend

ArtLords: Negina, Marwa, Meetra, Zuhra, Abdullah

ArtLords is a global Afghan-led movement using art for peace-building and social transformation. The ArtLords painted murals on blast walls as a way to convert the negative psychological impact of violence on the people of Kabul into a positive visual experience. The ArtLords’ work has been celebrated by artists and leaders around the world and has been displayed at the United Nations. Since the failed evacuation of Kabul in August 2021, ArtLords’ 50 artists have been in hiding and scattered around the world.

Tape Art collaborated with five ArtLords who have found refuge in Vermont to create a series of 17 temporary murals around Brattleboro honoring murals that were destroyed by the Taliban in Afghanistan as one of their first priorities upon taking power in Kabul. The temporary tape murals created for Honoring Honar incorporate elements of the original painted murals into new work. The word honar means “art” in Dari.

Thank you to the Brattleboro Art Museum for supporting this project.

To see more of the ArtLords' work, visit their website HERE.

I See You  –  A mural on the side of the spy agency of Afghanistan with an anti-corruption message. ArtLords Co-Founders are Omaid Sharifi (second from left) and Kabir Mokamel (fourth from left).

چشم های مومل سنگ با پیام ؛ من ترا میبینم؛ از جمله اولین دیوار نگاری تیم هنرساالر در مرکز شهر کابل بخاطر مبارزه با فساد

My Country, I Shall Build You Again  –  Dedicated to all Afghan girls who dreamed of building their Afghanistan.

؛ای وطن میسازمت آخر خودم میسازمت؛ تقدیم بود به تمامي دختران افغان كه آرزوي مشاركت در ساختن كشور خود را داشتند

Patient Stone  –  This stone witnessed one of the most terrible terrorist incidents when a school was bombed. The stone was covered in blood. ArtLords painted over the stone with the names of the women martyred. (One father described the sorrow of losing his daughter as a crushing weight, which is the inspiration for the tape artwork.)

'سنگ صبور''

این شاهد یكي از وحشتناك ترین حادثات تروریستي باالي مكتب سید الشهدا بود.

اسامي تمام شهداي مكتب را روي این سنگ نوشتیم.

The Betrayal  –  This artwork represents  the American C17 planes leaving Afghanistan while young Afghans were still holding onto the plane wings and tires trying to escape the Taliban.

روزی که آمریکایی ها و شرکای شان از افغانستان فرار کردند و جوانان افغان برای نجات طالبان به بال های هواپیما چسپیدند

I Am Back to School  –  This mural was painted with the students of the American University  of Afghanistan after the cowardly  and brutal attack by the Taliban that killed many students. Students returned to class despite grave injuries, including amputated limbs.

این نقاشی با شاگردان دانشگاه آمریکایی افغانستان بعد از حمله تروریستی و بزدالنه طالبان در این دانشگاه صورت گرفت
Fatemah Qaderyan  –  The captain and spokesperson of Afghanistan's all-female robotics team.
فاطمه قادریان کاپیتان و سخنگوی تیم رباتیک تمام زنان دبیرستان افغانستان.

I Shall Sing a Song if Spring Comes  –  A mural to welcome the new year and the academic year.

"اگر بهار بیاید ترانه ها خواهم خواند"

نقاشي دیواري بمنظور پیشواز از سال نو و سال جدید تعلیمي.

A mural supporting the inclusion of women in Afghanistan's political system, peace negotiation, and leadership roles.

در حمایت از نقش زنان در نظام سیاسی افغانستان، روند صلح و نقش های رهبری

Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic society, containing diverse ethnic, linguistic, and tribal groups. This mural joins the names of different regions to create one image of a whole and united Afghanistan.

افغانستان كشوري با جامعه چند قومی است که شامل گروه های قومی، زبانی و قبیله ای متنوع است.

An ArtLords mural that encourages empathy, kindness and love.

این نقاشی هنرساالر برای ترویج همدلی، مهربانی و محبت نقاشی شد

Suhrab Azimi  –  Afghanistan will not forget its heroes who honestly defend this homeland and people. This is a mural of Suhrab Azimi, a young Afghan army General who was brutally killed by the Taliban along with his comrades.

افغانستان هیچگاهي قهرمانان و فرزندان راستین خود كه صادقانه براي كشور و مردم خود خدمت كردند از یاد نخواهند برد نقاشي دیواري سهراب عظیمي یكتن از جنراالن

جوان كه با جمله هم قطاران شان توسط طالبان بي رحمانه به شهادت رسیدند.

I See You, I Will Not Forget  –  We all witnessed the brutal killing of our children and our people. The bloody shoes at the center of the drawing belong to a child killed in a bombing.

'من ترا میبینم" "فراموش نمیكنم"

ما همه روزه شاهد كشتار بي رحمانه كودكان و مردم ما بودیم

Scared, wounded, betrayed, and left behind. So much love, kindness, and empathy are needed to heal this country.

ترسیده، زخمي، جفا شده، و فراموش شده چقدر محبت و مهرباني این كشور بخاطر التیام زخم هاي خود نیاز دارد

Thank You, Albania  –  ArtLords members who fled the Taliban painted a mural to say 'thank you' to the country that welcomed them as refugees in the months immediately following the US withdrawal.

نقاشي تیم هنرساالر بمنظور تشكري از میزباني كشور آلبانیا بخاطر پناه دادن به پناهجویان افغانستان.

This mural incorporates calligraphy of "Bani Adam" poetry of the Persian-Muslim polymath Sa'adi. It serves as an analogy to our current challenge in order to visualize this common constitution of humanity.

Human beings are members of a whole,

in creation of one essence and soul.

If one member is afflicted with pain,

other members uneasy will remain.

If you have no sympathy for human pain,

the name of human you cannot retain."

خطاطي شعر بني آدم شعر از سعدي شاعرایراني ، از آنچه مي توان به عنوان قیاس با چالش كنوني ما استفاده كرد تا این قانون اساسي مشترك بشریت را تجسم كند.

بنی آدم اعضای یکدیگرند که در آفرینش ز یک گوهرند

چو عضوی بهدرد آو َرد روزگار دگر عضوها را نمانَد قرار

تو کز محنت دیگران بیغمی نشاید که نامت نهند آدمی

Shaping an equal and peaceful future for the better half of society.

شکل دادن بخاطر آینده ای برابر و صلح آمیز برای نیمه بهتر جامعه
For us, our country is heaven, and therefore we wish to plant beautiful flowers. This mural was part of the series to unite the Afghan people and bring hope. 

.این رشته از نقاشی ها برای اتحاد مردم افغانستان و دادن امید به آنها صورت گرفت

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