Corporate Workshops & Workplace Murals

Are you looking for a way to welcome your employees back to the office? 

Are you looking for a way to engage employees in an authentic creative experience? 

Do you want to say thank you for the flexibility and perseverance of your teams over the past year?

Give your teams a creative Tape Art® event that will get them energized and engaged. Whether it is temporary tape murals drawn by professional Tape Artists or Tape Art® workshops that get your employees collaborating to create art together, the walls of your workplace will come alive through this one-of-a-kind experience.

Tape Art Workshop

Make It Big Tape Art Workshop

Engage your employees in an exciting and rewarding creative experience. Guided by professional Tape Artists, participants work together to create large-scale temporary artworks that transform hallways, offices, and boardrooms. During this one-of-a-kind workshop, employees surprise themselves and each other with the epic and unique artworks they make. Motivate and inspire your employees in a way they will never forget.

Make It Big Workshop Includes:

•  1.5 to 3-hour Tape Art® workshop customized for your company

•  2 professional artist facilitators and all necessary workshop materials

•  Photos for you and your employees to share on social media

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What participants say about Tape Art

We got the opportunity to work with people we see in the hall every day but don’t get to interact with, and learn about everyone’s hidden talents.
–Ann Marie Horn, Development, Hasbro®

Great ice breaker. A creative way to talk about and reflect on company values in an authentic way that did not feel forced.
–Gina Tesla, VP, CSR and Employee Programs, IBM®

Awesome experience. I was amazed by how in a short amount of time we transformed a huge space with just tape. It was a very creative and I really enjoyed it.
–Ron Bagley, Director Gaming Design, Hasbro®

TEDx Talk About Tape Art Leadership 

TAPE ART Workplace Murals

Temporarily transform your workplace with Tape Art® murals that reflect your company made directly on the walls of hallways, boardrooms, break rooms and lobbies. Murals made by the inventors of this novel art medium will liven up your office space and raise employee morale. Artists actively engage employees - tape drawing live, answering questions, and taking suggestions. 

Workplace Murals Include:

•  Temporary Tape Art® mural customized for your company

•  2 professional Tape Artists and all necessary materials

•  Photos of the finished work and permissions to share on social media


1-800-TapeArt (1-800-823-3278)

Tape Art Office Mural

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